The councils

The three councils that form our partnership lie to the south of Birmingham.


Wyre Forest District Council is located in Kidderminster. It consists of 12 wards and is represented by 33 ward Councillors. Bromsgrove District Council represented by 31 Councillors across 23 wards, while Redditch Borough Council consists of 11 wards and has 29 Councillors.


Wyre Forest District Council

The Wyre Forest Forward transformation programme helps to deliver the two promises we make to our residents in our Corporate Plan:

  • Support you to contribute to a successful local economy
  • Support you to live in clean, green and safe communities
  • Delivery of these priorities is supported by the council’s purposes which put our residents at the heart of everything we do:
  • PLACE: “Keep my place safe and looking good...” “Ensure that there are good things for me to do, see & visit...”
  • BUSINESS: “Support you to contribute to a successful local economy...”
  • PLANNING: “Make good development happen...”
  • HOUSING: “Help me to have access to a good quality and affordable home...”
  • PEOPLE: “Help me with my financial situation...” “Help me improve my health and well-being...” “Give me a voice...” “Provide me with information that I need...”
  • ENABLING (Support) Services: “Enabling others to do what they need to do...” “Help me make good financial and budgeting decisions” “Help me make good procurement and legal decisions” “Help me make good staffing decisions”


Bromsgrove District Council

Since 2008 Bromsgrove District Council has been sharing its services with neighbouring Redditch Borough Council to improve and protect local services to residents. A comprehensive transformation programme is moving the customer to the heart of every decision, in a bid to improve efficiency and bring the best out of local services.


The council’s key priorities are:

  • Financial Stability
  • Economic Development
  • Urban/Rural Balance
  • Partnerships/Join Ventures
  • Quality Services
  • Reduce Congestion


Redditch Borough Council

We work with a variety of partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors and this is why we joined the West Midland Combined Authority. We continue to push hard to secure the best deal for Redditch, and bring opportunities, jobs and investment into the area.


Our six strategic purposes are based on customer demands and data and evidence about the needs of and issues affecting the people of Redditch Borough:

  • Keep my place safe and looking good
  • Help me run a successful business
  • Help me to be financially independent (including education & skills)
  • Help me to live my life independently (including health & activity)
  • Help me find somewhere to live in my locality
  • Provide good things for me to see, do & visit